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Isolation vs solitude

A friend shared the following quote with me the other day: “Isolation is our retreat from the paralyzing pain of indecision.  This retreat into denial…is the first stage of mourning and grief…we can remain alone as a way of not allowing ourselves to get in touch with the pain of our grief.” I have always preferred solitude to being with large groups of people.  As a child, I loved sitting in our living room next

The Walls Are Down

It’s been a hard week. Christmas makes me tremendously anxious.  It’s dark and cold outside, and this year’s multiple storms have made my daily commute much more treacherous.  I’m worried about creating an enjoyable holiday for my immediate family, and about my estrangement from my extended family.  Even listening to Christmas music is difficult because it triggers so many memories from my past. So when the media flared with the news of an interview with