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Where’s the Finish Line?

I’ve always behaved as if weight loss is a race. Everything changes with the shot of the starter pistol, and I’m off to lose the weight and cross the finish line an entirely new, incredibly happy person, with the “before” and “after” photos to prove it. One year ago, I visited my doctor’s office – she’d just moved to a new space, and along with upgraded waiting room chairs, there was a new scale. Digital, not

Testing, Testing

Last Sunday, I returned home from a wonderful family weekend, celebrating the baptism of my niece. I was dropped off at home, and after putting my things in the house and changing my clothes, I headed out to my car to go pick up my dog. As I reached the driver’s side door, I noticed a HUGE dent in the side of my car. A sizeable, unexpected, infuriating dent. “Oh my God,” I said, staring

A Deep Dark Hole

I always think that I know what I’m supposed to learn from any given experience.  That’s right.  I always know what’s coming, and why, and it’s just a matter of time before I get my life lesson gracefully handed to me on a silver platter. Riiiight. I was certain about the lesson that was waiting for me this past weekend, when I performed in “The Vagina Monologues” for the fourth time in five years.  If

It’s Just Snow

It snowed again last night.  Seven inches of thick snow fell over the streets and the houses as I slept, and weighed heavily in my shovel in the dark this morning.  Yesterday, I stealthily made my way home before the snow began, taking the afternoon off from work, but I knew that it would be more difficult for me to avoid going out in the snow today. I was hoping for an announcement of a

The Walls Are Down

It’s been a hard week. Christmas makes me tremendously anxious.  It’s dark and cold outside, and this year’s multiple storms have made my daily commute much more treacherous.  I’m worried about creating an enjoyable holiday for my immediate family, and about my estrangement from my extended family.  Even listening to Christmas music is difficult because it triggers so many memories from my past. So when the media flared with the news of an interview with

The Next Thing

I recently watched an Upworthy video that was passed around on Facebook.  The video was taken at a Tedx conference in Boulder, CO, and the presenter, Ash Beckham, was talking about closets.  Ash speaks eloquently about closets; she calls them “a hard conversation.”  Her speech is personal and beautiful and I think everyone should watch it. My blog is not about closets, although I completely agree with Ash that everyone has them and they are