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Chaotic Swamp

I’ve caused two car accidents in my life thus far, both during the same chaotic year.  I was working and going to graduate school and raising kids and both accidents involved my phone.  One was a minor fender bender, but the second was rougher – I rear-ended a car driven by a teenage girl, only a few years older than my daughter. The front end of my car lifted the entire back end of her

The Walls Are Down

It’s been a hard week. Christmas makes me tremendously anxious.  It’s dark and cold outside, and this year’s multiple storms have made my daily commute much more treacherous.  I’m worried about creating an enjoyable holiday for my immediate family, and about my estrangement from my extended family.  Even listening to Christmas music is difficult because it triggers so many memories from my past. So when the media flared with the news of an interview with

The Next Thing

I recently watched an Upworthy video that was passed around on Facebook.  The video was taken at a Tedx conference in Boulder, CO, and the presenter, Ash Beckham, was talking about closets.  Ash speaks eloquently about closets; she calls them “a hard conversation.”  Her speech is personal and beautiful and I think everyone should watch it. My blog is not about closets, although I completely agree with Ash that everyone has them and they are